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We come to you, with everything we need. The Polyaire Service team is available across Brisbane and the Gold Coast and can handle warranty servicing and general repairs of all major brands.

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    Since our establishment, we have grown into a strong team who are committed to providing the best service available in Air Conditioning repair and servicing in Queensland. Our staff are committed to providing friendly and reliable assistance to all of our clients, and are proud to be recognised as leading, honest experts who get the job done in one visit.







    Older system repair or service? Try us for our:


    We provide honest up front pricing so you pay the same as other customers and you won’t have any surprises or hidden charges. You will know exactly how much the work will cost before the technician starts the job.
    We have used our years of trading experience to develop a standardised pricing book. So no more waiting for our staff to go back to the office to complete the quotes. In most cases for most jobs, we will be able to give you a price on the spot and start work after you have given us the go ahead! Book a job and we’ll let you know the price.
    Simply call us on 1300 189 155 or fill in the booking form below.
    Terms and conditions apply* – please call us for more details.
    • Domestic offer only.
    • Offers not applicable to dispatch fee.
    • Offer applies during normal hours only.
    • Home owner must be present.
    • Please contact office for full details of all offers.


    Need Your Air Conditioner Serviced?

    We offer service technicians available across the Queensland Metropolitan area specialising in home ducted, wall split/wall mounted systems, and commercial air conditioning.

    We provide the following with every service to ensure we leave your system running at its best:

    • Filter Clean
    • Gas Check/Re-Gas
    • Check of All Heating & Cooling Functions
    • Air Flow Compressor Check
    • Electrical Check
    • Outdoor Unit and Mounting Check

    Speedy repairs for all Air Conditioner Brands…

    When you need the Air Con fixed, you need it fixed now. There is nothing worse than a hot summer day with no cooling in the house.

    Our technicians undergo supplier endorsed training on all unit types and we guarantee workmanship on all of our jobs.

    Our technicians are trained and qualified to work on all types of heating and cooling units, including ducted reverse cycle systems, split system air conditioners, cassette air conditioners, and more.

    With a commitment to providing an exceptional level of customer service, Polyaire Service is here to help you stay comfortable at home with professional repair staff.

    Straight talking staff who get the job done correctly…

    • Domestic & Commercial Systems
    • Upfront Repair Cost Estimate
    • Parts in stock, in the Vans

    Commercial HVAC Servicing…Make sure your business’s climate control will never fail!

    Contact us today for a tailored quote on an air conditioning maintenance program for your office, showroom, medical centre, factory or other commercial or retail space.

    Our staff understand the requirements of operating in these environments and can fit a preventative maintenance schedule in around your business’ needs.

    Ducted Air Conditioning Zoning Systems

    Setting up a zoning system for your ducted air conditioning will mean that everyone can enjoy their own temperature and airflow, and you can save on energy and running costs by turning off the airflow for rooms not in use.

    Zoning Your Air Conditioning Helps

    In the past, your climate control was just on or off, generally for the entire house, which wasn’t very efficient. You couldn’t control air volumes for different sizes of room, nor could you shut off unused rooms. With different family members coming and going during the day or congregating in rooms together, these older systems meant that you’d be running the air conditioning in rooms not in use.

    Experience More Comfort + Save Energy with AirTouch & ZoneMaster

    An air conditioning unit controller or zone control system like AirTouch or ZoneMaster opens so many more opportunities to you with your air conditioning installation.


    Smart air conditioning control offering integrated AC unit and zone control, individual temperature monitoring and adjustments for each zone in your home, as well as smartphone app control of your air conditioner. Learn More.


    Trusted by hundreds of thousands of Australian families, ZoneMaster is Australia’s favourite zone control system. Learn More.

    Carrier Air Conditioning Repairs

    Local Carrier Air Conditioner Warranty Agents

    Polyaire’s Service division can repair all manner of Carrier Systems both in and out of warranty.

    We are authorised service agents, and our trained service staff are fully versed in understanding all error codes. We carry our all work to the required standards, and use genuine parts for all repairs.


    Common Carrier Fault Codes

    Split Systems
    Error Code: E1

    Indoor / outdoor units communication error

    Error Code: E3

    Indoor fan speed has been out of control

    Error Code: EC

    Refrigerant Leakage Detection

    Error Code: P2

    High temperature protection of compressor top diagnosis and solution

    Ducted Systems
    Error Code: E8

    Indoor fan motor speed out of control

    Error Code: E3

    Pipe temperature sensor is abnormal

    Error Code: F4

    Other malfunction


    The New Standard in Smart Air Conditioning

    Integrated Ducted Reverse Cycle AC Unit and Zone Control: Introducing AirTouch 4. Taking air conditioning to a whole new level of comfort and energy efficiency from a new 8″ Touch Screen display, your personal mobile device or your chouce of smart home speaker.

    • Save Energy
    • Control 16 Zones and 4 AC Units from 1 Panel!
    • Smart App Control
    • Smart Climate Control designed in Australia

    Voice Control With Open Smart Assistants

    Control your home climate with your voice with AirTouch 4 and your choice of open smart assistants from Google or Amazon.


    We Service Ducted Systems

    One of the most popular air conditioning solutions, ducted system air conditioners are versatile units providing both hot and cold air. Our staff are familiar with all major brands, and related accessories including cleaning and repairing ductwork, and replacing outlets.

    We Service Split Systems

    Wall Split Systems are a popular air conditioning choice for Australian homes and businesses because they are quick, easy and affordable to install. Wall Split Systems can become clogged with dust quickly which makes them run less efficiently or break down altogether. To prevent this cleaning their filters and general maintenance tasks such as checking gas levels, electrical and control boards is easy for Polyaire Service staff.

    Commercial HVAC Support

    Polyaire has over 25 locations across Australia, as well as a large volume of fully trained staff making us the ideal choice to take care of any size business’s climate control maintenance.

    Many businesses cannot function without the climate control, and often prevention is better than the cure when it comes to commercial systems in retail, office, or other commercial locations. That is why a Preventative Maintenance Agreement with regular visits by our technicians to service your business’s air conditioner is often a cost effective idea. In the case of a emergency breakdown, our large network of staff with fully stocked service vehicles can respond quickly and get your system running again ASAP.

    To make a booking please fill out the form or call 1300 189 155.

    You can also email us at help@polyaire.com.au.

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      Very happy with the work that was done. Andrew arrived on time, and was efficient, and had all the parts he needed to sort out my system same day.


      Home Owner
      Mark is great. Really friendly, arrived on time and it was cheaper than I expected.


      Home Owner
      I felt comfortable with the tech in my house. And really pleased he made an effort to clean up after his work.


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      Common Questions about Air Conditioning

      I don't use my air conditioner much, so why bother with a service?

      If you leave your car outside for a year without using it, it’ll probably fail to start when you actually need it. Regardless of usage, it’s in your best interest to protect your asset by getting your domestic cooling and heating systems maintained at least once per year. Repairs and replacements are costly, so it’s best to have a regular maintenance program with us. March through to the end of August is emergency service time.

      Why do air conditioning units break down?

      Breakdowns are caused by various things; including poor installation, labour and materials. Further reasons include a lack of servicing and maintenance, faulty electricals, undersized or oversized units, bad design, the wrong location of indoor or outdoor units, poor-quality manufacture, and low-quality piping. You should always be careful about who you task with installing your cooling and heating solutions, and bear in mind that having a licence doesn’t necessarily make for a trustworthy company.

      During the heating cycle, why is a white mist expelled from the air conditioners outside fans?

      During winter, most air conditioners defrost when the outdoor temperature is below 6°C. This mist is normal, it is only warm water vapour being expelled.

      I have a ducted air conditioner and the only and the air only comes out in part of the house?

      Ducted systems can be designed so that only parts of the house (zones) can be air conditioned at a time. Check that the zone switch is turned on.

      Can I switch my Air Conditioner off at the fuse box or powerpoint?

      It is OK to turn the power off, especially if you are away for long periods. Most units have a low wattage crankcase heater that keeps the compressor warm. If the compressor is cold damage will occur at startup. If you turn off your air conditioner it must be turned on at least 12 hrs before use.